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The farm was founded in 2001 by renting the first sixty hectares of long-term uncultivated state land. In the same year, the first 16 heifers from ZD Brloh were purchased. A year later, 12 heifers from the same breed were bought, thus laying the foundation for breeding Aberdeen angus in Stvolinky.
Aberdeen Angus
… Is a meat breed of cattle, genetically hornless, mantle black or red. Its advantage is easy calving, excellent maternal qualities, excellent fertility, viability of born calves, longevity and good grazing ability together with high resistance to adverse climatic conditions.
Preparation for NVHZ 2019 culminates.

Animals need to be accustomed to performing on a halter and take care of their appearance. Members of the ČSCHMS Junior Team actively participate in the preparation. We look forward to seeing you in Brno.

Autumn 3
Angus forum Portugal - Azores Islands 2016
Brno 2017
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